Love the Skin You’re In With Jennifer Fugo

When our skin is itchy we usually just think it’s simply dry skin. We reach for our favorite lotion to slather on to make it stop.  But what if the itch turns to a rash or hives and doesn’t seem to go away?  Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea – these are just a few of the skin […]

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Removed my Breast Implants and Changed My Life! With Sarah Phillipe

The female body is AMAZING!  It’s beautiful, it’s strong, it can carry life…and those curves!  Our breasts are one of those quintessential curves. They come in all shapes and sizes and they’re uniquely feminie.  But do they really define us as women?   Many women consider having breast implants to enhance the way they look and […]

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Managing our Stress by Reclaiming our Self-Respect with Brodie Welch

As women we wear many hats and play many roles. We are expected to take care of everything – spouse, children, home, career…and that’s just the beginning! We take on task after task believing we can do it all. We wear this overwhelming amount of stress as a badge of honor but when we seek to take a break from it all we feel guilty. Sound familiar?

My guest today is Brodie Welch, a licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and self-care strategist. She works with women to Level Up their lives. She explains how stress overrides our self-respect and in order to gain it back we must engage in self-care. It is once we take care of ourselves we are able to put our best selves forward for our families and for the world.

Here are some things we talked about:

  • [4:29] Stress Overrides our Self-Respect
  • [6:00] Oh, the Guilt!
  • [13:10] One and Done…No!
  • [13:33] True Self-Care is not Sexy
  • [14:30] Balance is not equal parts of the Pie
  • [18:11] Health is a Spectrum and You’re In Charge of It!
  • [22:40] Stress = Disease
  • [23:30] Choices Take Energy and Habits on Autopilot
  • [26:10] Fastest way to Manage Stress is Through Your Breath
  • [30:30] It’s not All or Nothing…it’s About Commitment
  • [30:55] What will Future Me want Me to do Now?
  • [35:40] When We Override our Energy Integrity We are Not Honoring Ourselves
  • [37:15] You have a Right to To Take Care of Yourself
  • [38:05] This is How We Change the Culture as Women
  • [39:15] You Cannot Give from An Empty Cup

About the guest:

Brodie Welch is a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and self-care strategist. Brodie helps self-aware, high-achieving women break the cycle of stress, overwhelm, and self-sabotage so they can enjoy the lives they’re working so hard to create, and truly embody self-respect. Working at the confluence of wellness and personal development, she has helped thousands of clients optimize their weight, digestion, hormones, sleep, mood, and vitality. A lifelong student of consciousness, Brodie has been practicing meditation, yoga, and qi gong for over twenty years and holds teaching certifications in each of these disciplines. She synthesizes ancient techniques from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and yoga with the latest research in neuroscience, functional medicine and habit change to help her clients thrive.

The Hormone Dance to Live and Age Well with Dr. Stephanie Gray

As we age we find ourselves blaming hormones for everything.  We begin to see wrinkles – it’s hormones!.  Our cycle begins to change – it’s hormones!  We are getting old – it’s hormones! Well, hormones do have an effect on our aging but is it everything?  Is there anything we can do about it?  We’ve […]

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