Hey there! Welcome to the evolving ageless podcast – the enlightened woman’s antidote to aging.

I’m Michele Drielick and I am on a mission to change the way women age!

We probably have a lot in common. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister. Like you, I take care of everyone’s needs before mine. I know what it’s like to burn the candle on both ends and even in the middle…just to make sure it melts! I have stress, sleepless nights, unruly kids, and a thriving, busy business.

Heres/s the gratifying part…I’ve had the privilege of working with patients guiding their good health and nutrition for over a decade, but it wasn’t until I rounded the corner on 50 yo when I realized that women are aging at an accelerated rate…significantly faster than we should. Yes, that likely means you too!!

It’s my experience that as women, we spend far too much time worried about the number on the scale and way too little time taking action to live a truly healthy, happy, vibrant life!

We think we’re eating right or exercising regularly, so the rest is left up to our genetics. But genes are such a small part of the story. No matter how your mother or grandmother aged, for better or worse, it only plays a role 25% of the time.

Let’s face it, women are infinitely more complex than men (I’ll resist any of the obvious jokes here) but the hormones that guide us through puberty, pregnancy and menopause are complicated. These hormones change, react and combine with our body composition, nutrition, sleep, stress and environment (even where we live and what we’re exposed to) so that by the time we reach those years before menopause, we just might be set up to lose muscle, gain weight, experience sagging skin and wrinkles, lose energy far before we’re ready.

You see, getting older is a matter of time passing – each year we celebrate (I guess some of us have stopped celebrating, lol) but each year, we celebrate our birthday, but Aging is another story altogether. The way we age is almost completely in our control. I’m going to say that again. The way we age is almost completely in our control. We own it. It’s not our mother or grandmother’s bad genes. It’s us.

In 2019, my mother died of an ischemic stroke, a few years before that, she had a triple bypass heart surgery and a decade before that, her first heart attack. She carried nitroglycerin in her purse wherever she went. She took medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and even blood thinners. And like most health professionals, I would pester her about her diet, inactivity and habits. She would always let me know that she’d had enough when I heard that sharp tone in her voice saying, Why are you doing this? And my answer was this. Mom, if you knew how to prevent your father from dying of a heart attack at age 60, wouldn’t you do it? Wouldn’t you try to explain why he needed to change? That usually ended the discussion, but sadly, it never worked.

I always wondered why I was able to help hundreds and hundreds of women overcome their health challenges, but I couldn’t get through to help my own mother.

You see, my mom’s story is not that different from any of us. If we don’t understand how or why we should take action, we’re less likely to do it. It wasn’t until I saw the giant welt on my arm that I realized I couldn’t eat wheat. I probably would still be eating wheat today if I didn’t understand how it was the culprit behind many years of sinus infections.

And in today’s world, there’s so much conflicting information that I find most of us get paralyzed in the confusion. So between the confusion and lack of accurate information…we get stuck and don’t take action.

That’s why I started the Evolving Ageless podcast. There’s no quick fix…it’s an evolution…a journey. Like I always say, my family jokes about me being ‘over the hill’, but I think of it like this. In my 30s I was focused on my kids, my 40s on my career. I was climbing that proverbial hill. But now, I’m standing at the top of that hill, arms stretched high and I intend to stay at the top of this hill as long as I can. So I’m on a mission to seek out the information that’s going to help me do just that.

Think about that…what you do now, in these critical years, will absolutely impact the way you age and what your health trajectory looks like. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves no matter how old or young…they work the same way. I want to change what my future looks like. I want to look great and feel great as long as I can.

So here’s the really cool part… I’m blessed to know so many amazing clinical experts. The kind of experts who know how to cut through the fads, media hype and marketing machines to share the information we all need to make decisions for that healthy, vibrant life.

Each week, I’m joined by a different health experts – I’m excited for you to meet them, learn from them and together we’re going to keep you at the top of the hill so you can Live Ageless!

If you’re ready to evolve ageless with me, just subscribe to this podcast on your favorite podcast app and if you’re really excited, I’d love to hear your thoughts in a review – it helps women just like us know they’re in the right place and have found their tribe.

Alright beautiful, get ready to look younger, feel younger and Live Ageless.

I will see you here, same time, same place…bye for now.

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