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Episode 26

Fueling the body to accelerate your performance with Stan Graham

In recent years there has been a resurgence of Farm-to-Table meals. More and more people want to get back to eating whole foods with less processing, less preservatives; to eat healthier for a positive impact on their health. One of the biggest challenges is to find the TIME to provide these meals for you and your loved ones.  

My guest had created a solution to getting in that whole food meal right to you in a matter of minutes! Meet Stanford Graham, the founder and CEO of Elements Meals. My guest has created a solution to getting in that whole food meal right to you in a matter of minutes! He has taken his love for nutrient dense, whole foods, and using state-of-the-art freeze drying technology, has been able to create an easy way to get that straight from the farm meal right to you. Join us as he talks about the journey that brought him full circle from his roots on a farm to now providing that same pure goodness to people around the world.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • Return to Our Roots
  • If You’re Not Well Physically You’re Not well Mentally
  • We Can Accelerate
  • Fueling Our Bodies with the Power of Nutrition
  • Damaged Relationship with Food
  • Elements Meals was Born
  • What’s Freeze Drying?
  • From Athletes to Outer Space
  • Whole Food Is Best
  • Practice Yields Outcome

About the Guest:

Stanford Graham is an entrepreneurial, athletic lawyer and Founder/CEO of Elements for Athletes, LLC. Stan’s most recent pursuit of breaking the world record for the 50+ men’s mile run led him to launch Elements for Athletes (dba “Elements Meals”) in November 2017.

Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine have called Elements Meals a “leading market innovator, disrupter,” and “nutrition technology leader” in the whole food nutrition market. Self-taught in nutrition science, Stan’s innovative, freeze-dried Elements Meals have captured the attention and collaboration of leading academic research and technology teams, including the University of South Carolina, NASA sponsored Lunar and Martian simulation missions, and leading companies such as Whole30, Spartan Races, RMI, and even the Belgian Special Forces. Stan is obsessed and driven to make nutrient dense, whole food meals available to all. He is laser-focused on intersecting cutting-edge technologies with highest quality whole foods to capture, preserve, and deliver whole food solutions that support and amplify health and solve the chronic disease epidemics we are living through in the United States.

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