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Episode 23

The Impact of Social Connections with Dr. Kara Parker

Connecting with people around us, developing friendships and relationships, is natural for many of us. Having this sense of connection to those around us and to ourselves is what provides a state of comfort and sense of well-being. But there are those of us who experience feelings of isolation, rejection or loneliness. The impact of these social connections in our lives can directly impact our physical and mental health, including our longevity. 

My guest is Dr. Kara Parker, a board certified in Family Medicine physician who is also certified in Functional Medicine and boarded in integrative health. Join us as we discuss how developing social connections with people and with ourselves significantly affects our overall well-being..

Some of the things we talked about:

  • [4:48]   How Deep Is This?
  • [6:50]   Signs You May Not Realize
  • [7:40]   Thought Construct Where You Experience that You Don’t Belong
  • [9:40]   Perception is a Mismatch of Needs vs. Expectations
  • [11:30] Social Media and the Mismatch
  • [13:09] Loneliness vs. Being Alone
  • [14:05] The Loneliness Gene and the Lifestyle Impact
  • [18:03] First Connect With Ourselves
  • [20:00] Self-Rejection Starts It Off
  • [21:55] The Teen Experience
  • [25:05] The Network of Friends and Its Changes
  • [27:00] The Social Connection and Your Longevity
  • [28:30] Transition and Transformation
  • [33:05] Fighting Infection and the Alzheimer’s Connection
  • [34:50] Loneliness is a Warning
  • [37:42] Purpose, Fulfillment and Brain In Flow
  • [39:12] Honestly, Do I experience Satisfaction?
  • [44:49] Social Connection, The Parachute that Holds Everything Up
  • [47:05] Be Vulnerable, Ask Questions Then Listen

About the Guest:

Dr. Parker is board certified in Family Medicine, and also certified in Functional Medicine and boarded in integrative health. She is trained in medical acupuncture and credentialed in battlefield ear acupuncture. She trains resident physicians in these methods and how they fit into primary care to improve the health of patients and communities.

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