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Episode 22

Lifestyle, Intermittent Fasting and Living Your Best Life Into Menopause with Cynthia Thurlow

Women are beautiful, strong and complex. From the very beginning, our bodies move in stages that we get prepped for. Like the young girl who is taught what to expect when she begins to menstruate or the pregnant woman who is supported and prepared to welcome her baby. But when it comes to menopause all you know is you had a period and now you don’t. Perimenopause and the imbalance that transpires starts this transitional journey for women.

My guest is Cynthia Thurlow, a nurse practitioner, nutrition and intermittent fasting expert! She is passionate about helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition and solving health problems from the inside out. Cynthia and I discuss lifestyle and how intermittent fasting can support a smooth transition into postmenopause.

We women don’t want to just survive, we want to thrive! We have more power over the outcome of our aging than you think! This is a pivotal time to invest in YOU so embrace it!

Some of the things we talked about:

  • [4:20]   The Imbalance Begins
  • [5:49]   The Better You Take Care of Yourself, the Easier the Transition
  • [6:20]   Time to Invest in YOU
  • [11:00] The Stress of It All – Cortisol
  • [13:44] We Want to Control Our Bodies
  • [17:20] Be Present
  • [17:29] Symptoms and How You Feel: Clue to the Imbalance
  • [18:00] You Have More Control Than You Think
  • [18:00] Sleep, Stress Management, Meditation and Things that Bring Joy
  • [22:41] Bad Foods and Food Labels
  • [30:07] Simple, Eat When You’re Hungry
  • [30:39] Fast More, Eat Less Often
  • [34:42] Super Benefits of IF Beyond Weight Loss
  • [41:44] Give Your Body the Chance to Clean Up Its Mess

About the Guest:

Cynthia is a sought after entrepreneur, nurse practitioner, 2x TEDx speaker, nutritional and intermittent fasting expert; co-host of Everyday Wellness podcast, co-author of Primal Eating.

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