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Episode 18

Olive Oil – The Healthy Fat: From Tree to Table with Tony Kasandrinos

Olive Oil has always been a go-to cooking oil for many of us. It’s also been touted by nutritionists and medical professionals of its many, many health benefits. These benefits include improving heart and brain function, reducing inflammation and fighting disease.

But how do you know you are getting the best quality olive oil that will not only be a tasty addition to your cooking but provide the vital components to benefit a healthy lifestyle?

My guest today is Tony Kasandrinos, the co-founder of Kasandrinos Olive Oil. His family owns olive orchards in Greece and produces organic olive oil. He is here to talk about the process of producing one of the most natural, healthy ingredients we could ever use. 

  • [2:15]   My Big Fat Greek Life
  • [7:30]   Harvest Time
  • [9:30]   Let’s Break It Down!
  • [11:24]   It’s Fruit Juice!
  • [12:18]   Science, Anti-Aging and Olive Oil
  • [14:38]   1 Tree = How many bottles?
  • [22:10]   Myths and the Label 
  • [25:14]   Is it Fresh?[31:01]   Here’s What You Need to Know

About Tony Kasandrinos:

Tony is a native of Rochester, New York, but spent a good portion of his childhood in his father’s village in Niata, Greece. After graduating from the Aquinas Institute, Tony joined the Marine Corps in 1997 and retired from active duty in 2019. Tony currently lives close to family in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs sales and marketing at Kasandrinos full-time with his sister Effi, and cousin Efrosyni. In his free time, he loves traveling, being outdoors, and spending time around the table with friends and family. Tony’s favorite way to eat olive oil is drenched over a horiatiki salad (Greek salad) and lamb chops.

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