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Episode 14

The Hormone Dance to Live and Age Well with Dr. Stephanie Gray

As we age we find ourselves blaming hormones for everything.  We begin to see wrinkles – it’s hormones!.  Our cycle begins to change – it’s hormones!  We are getting old – it’s hormones!

Well, hormones do have an effect on our aging but is it everything?  Is there anything we can do about it?  We’ve heard about hormone therapies but is it safe?  My guest today can provide us with the answers!

I am so excited for you to meet Dr. Stephanie Gray.  She is a functional medicine provider who helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity.  Her expertise lies within integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine.  Together we discuss the effects of hormones on our overall health and quality of life and she explains the hormone dance we all experience as we age. 

These are some of the things we talked about:

  • [4:55] Hormones – Why do we Need them?
  • [6:54] Girls are Starting Younger
  • [8:20] When Does it Really Begin?
  • [9:40] The Hormone Dance
  • [12:08] Hormones and the Cancer Fear
  • [13:46] Hormones from Plants?
  • [15:48] Estrogen Metabolism
  • [16:40] 2, 4 & 16
  • [27:15] The Dadbod
  • [29:15] Organic Lifestyle and Toxins
  • [33:40] Make the Change!  You Can Do it!
  • [34:29] Shhhhh…Listen to Your Body
  • [37:00] Eliminate the Hormone Hijacker

About Dr. Gray:

Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM, is a functional medicine provider who helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! She completed her doctorate focusing on estrogen metabolism from the University of Iowa in 2011. Additionally, she has a Masters in Metabolic Nutritional Medicine from the University of South Florida’s Medical School. Her expertise lies within integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine. She is the initial author of the FNP Mastery App and an Amazon best-selling author of her book Your Longevity Blueprint. She is co-founder of Your Longevity Blueprint nutraceuticals with her husband, Eric. They own the Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa.

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