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Episode 13

Environmental Toxins: Beyond Eating Organic with Beth Greer

When we think of living a healthy lifestyle we think of eating organic and returning to nature. We definitely want to live healthier and being aware of what you put into your body is a big part of it.  But what about the environment where we spend the most amount of time in…our home?

Have you ever thought about the items in your home that could be toxic? Things like cleansers, lotions, candles and even your wi-fi can actually be contributing to potential health problems.   

My guest today is Beth Greer. She is an author, award-winning documentary film producer and environmental toxin expert. She gives great insight on the hidden toxins that are around us everyday and gives us tips on how we can live a lifestyle that’s as close to nature as possible.

The small changes you make to your environment will greatly impact the way you age!

Here are some things we talked about:

  • [1:47] Where it all Began
  • [8:25] Let’s Talk Toxins
  • [9:50] Flip the Switch and DNA Change
  • [11:25] How is What I’m Putting on My Skin Harmful To Me?
  • [14:00] Things that Smell
  • [18:05] Effects in Kids vs. Adults
  • [23:45] Not Cheerios!
  • [25:20] EMF – it’s Everywhere!
  • [30:00] Unplug to Sleep
  • [32:45] What’s the Deal with 5G?
  • [36:30] Evolution, Educate and Decide for Yourself

About the Guest:

Beth Greer, aka the Super Natural Mom®, is the best-selling author of “Super Natural Home,” an Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator, award-winning journalist, and documentary film producer. She’s former President of The Learning Annex, who eliminated a tumor in her chest by detoxing her body and home. Beth offers in-home detox audits and private coaching and is endorsed by several doctors who recognize that toxin elimination equals better health. Her website is filled with solutions –

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