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Episode 11

Cup My Face: The Ancient Art of Face Cupping with Lisa Dowling

Have you ever seen the marks made from Cupping? They’re usually dark, round circles on the skin. Why would people have this done in and why would they have it done on the face?

For centuries Eastern Asian medicine has used natural means to treat a wide variety of ailments. Today, many people use these techniques such as acupuncture, medicinal herbs and cupping. 

Cupping, in recent years, has become a popular method for muscle relaxation and alleviating pain. It’s become a favorite to athletes for its ability to increase blood flow to a particular muscle or to reduce pain. I, myself, have also done cupping for health reasons but I was not sure about cupping my face until I met today’s guest.

Lisa Dowling is an Eastern Asian Medicine Practitioner who not only offers facial cupping therapy in her practice but also teaches the techniques to practitioners around the country.   Today she gives a little history and discusses the health benefits of cupping. She then talks about how facial cupping therapy can help combat those fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

Here are some of the topics that we talked about today:
   [2:40] Medicine and Techniques from the Earth
   [3:48] The sucking instinct
   [8:26] My Cupping experience
   [11:20] Stagnation a.k.a. Congestion
   [12:55] So what is Cupping exactly?
   [14:45] Microtrauma stimulates our Systems
   [15:56] Cupping the Face
   [16:30] Cupping moves Lymph
   [17:34] Cupping Marks on My Face?
   [23:03] Anti-Aging and Cupping
   [24:37] The Worse the Skin, the Greater the Results
   [26:24] Anti-Aging:  Natural vs. Serums

About the guest:   
Lisa Downling is a Practitioner and Facilitator of East Asian Medicine, and has spent the last several years teaching and presenting her original materials to practitioners.She has developed a unique curriculum of facial cupping based on the principles of Oriental Medicine that in combination with Acupuncture produces incredible results for anti aging, scars, chronic sinus issues, headaches and more.

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