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Episode 9

The Ideal Workout for Women Over 40 with Dr. Elke Cooke

Women lead such busy lives today.  We have households to run, kids to raise, careers to establish, and all the stresses that go along with building our life.  

By the time we enter our 40s, all these components together create the Perfect Storm that will directly affect the way we age! 

My guest today is Dr. Elka Cooke, an amazing Functional Medicine physician who specializes in Anti-Aging medicine.

Did you know that muscle strength influences the way we age?  How about hormones and muscles?  There’s a relationship there too!

In this episode we talk about how building muscle is our metabolic currency.  Our muscle strength is the key to all things aging when it comes to body composition and hormone balance.  

According to Dr. Cooke, the greatest impact we can have on our aging is when we focus on our muscle strength.   She tells us how we can do this!

Women always hear about how female hormones impact us as we get older.  Dr. Cooke clarifies their relationship…and it’s not just Estrogen we need to worry about!  

Listen as we talk about maintaining muscle, balancing hormones and weathering this perfect storm  

Here’s a look at what we talk about…

  • [2:30]  Muscle is the Antidote to Aging!
  • [7:24]  The Perfect Storm begins in our 40s
  • [9:22]  Hormonal Balance – More than just Estrogen
  • [10:05]  Why are Heat Shock Proteins important? 
  • [12:26]  Estrogen Balance, Energy and Protective Nature 
  • [15:20]  Cardio vs. Muscle Building – Focus after 40
  • [26:50]  Do you live with Insulin Resistance and not even know it?
  • [33:15]  Intermittent Fasting, LowCarb and Backfiring in Women
  • [34:45]  Biohacking/Anti-Aging is different for Women than Men

About the guest:

Dr. Elka Cooke is an accomplished Functional Medical Doctor specializing in Anti-Aging Medicine.  She did her studies and residency at the University of Michigan and spent eight years as an ER physician at Kaiser Permanente in northern California.  Dr. Cooke was drawn to Functional Medicine because she wanted to better serve her patients with tangible health results.  She has also been featured in several publications including Forbes and Prevention magazines. 

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