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Episode 8

Secrets that Slow Down the Aging Process with Dr. Kristine Burke

Did you know that the process of aging begins long before you start to notice those fine lines and wrinkles around your face?  

Women tend to be concerned about looking good on the outside, whether it’s the fine lines or the way we look in our clothes. The fact is we need to focus on what’s going on inside our body!  My guest, Dr. Kristine Burke, discusses the relationship between inflammation and aging and what we need to do to slow down the aging process.   

One of those secrets is exercising!  Not only does it help build up muscle mass but it’s what literally maintains your brain health!  

The process of aging doesn’t just happen because time passes.  Aging is actually due to the inflammation in the body.  

Inflammation is the hallmark of aging!  When we are able to pinpoint the root cause of your inflammation it can help set a plan on how to slow down the aging process! 

Here are some of the topics that we talked about today:

  • [3:07]   Inflammation is the Hallmark of Aging!
  • [7:10]    Troublesome Two: Chronic Illness and Inflammation
  • [9:40]  Losing Muscle Mass changes everything!
  • [16:46]  What are Root Causes and Why are they important?
  • [26:18]  It’s So Important to MOVE! 

Dr. Kristine Burke is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda School of Medicine and an educator for the Institute for Functional Medicine where she teaches other doctors and health care practitioners about the power of root-cause medicine to change people’s lives. She is passionate about the role of inflammation in healthy aging and the reversal of chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Dementia, she continues to innovate the delivery of healthcare in her role as Medical Director and CEO of the True Health Center for Functional Medicine in El Dorado Hills, CA.

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