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Episode 7

Coronavirus – AN UPDATE with Dr. Ellie Campbell

Dr. Campbell is our guest on today’s episode of Evolving Ageless, Dr. Campbell is a native Chicagoan with a BS and MS from the University of Illinois, a DO degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a Family Medicine residency from the Medical College of Georgia. Board certified in Family Medicine for over 25 years, she also holds certification from the American Board of Integrative Medicine. For thirteen years, Dr. Campbell practiced indigent healthcare in a Community Health Center, but since 2005 has championed a solo, concierge-style integrative, holistic, functional medicine-based family practice.

Dr. Campbell has specialty interests– and lectures internationally on– innovative medical practice design and management, community partnerships, Functional Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, cardiovascular disease prevention, the oral-systemic connection, solutions to physician burnout and Vitamin D.

I spoke with Dr. Campbell on March 29. During this interview Dr. Campbell gave some great updated information on what is going on in our world right now. I know like me, you probably still have several questions that you would like answered. Dr. Campbell gives a great update as to where we are now and how we are dealing with Covid-19 as we are moving forward with what is our new normal right now.

Here is the breakdown of what we talked about.

  • [1:47] Where we are at since we last spoke.
  • [5:50] Coronavirus testing.
  • [14:43] What should you do if you think you have Coronavirus?
  • [25:01] Items to have at home.
  • [33:00] Doctors are learning to treat this more effectively.
  • [39:20] Your mental health.

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