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Episode 2

How Stress Accelerates Aging with Dr. Deb Matthew

Dr. Deb Matthew is a best-selling author, speaker, wife and mom, as well as a frequent guest expert on TV news and talk shows. She suffered for years with fatigue and irritability, and her quest to restore her own health led her to change everything about how she practices medicine. Now, instead of just treating diseases with drugs, she helps people resolve the root cause of their health issues so they can get well, get off prescription drugs, and love the way they feel!

Dr. Matthew is on a mission just like me. She is helping women find their root causes and like I always say, everything has a root cause. Stress is aging women prematurely. Dr. Matthew has so much to share on this topic. She even gives some great self care tips that we can all try and incorporate into our daily life.

Here is the breakdown of what we talked about.

  • [2:08] How stress is leading to premature aging.
  • [6:27] Cortisol and its role in stress.
  • [12:35] Cortisol and its role in aging.
  • [19:35] What can we do to improve our cortisol?
  • [27:29] The role nutrition is playing.
  • [32:15] Self-care tips

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